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About Khadi

The science of life ‘Ayurveda’ merged with the philosophy of self-reliance ‘Khadi’ brings to you a range of personal care products based on the ethics and principles of both.

Our Guidelines:

No testing on animals of products or ingredients.
No mineral oils. No synthetic or artificial colours.
Herbs are handpicked from the wilderness or organically grown.
Packaging is kept to a basic minimum.
No child labour is involved.
We practice fair trade with our producers and manufacturers.



Harbal Hair Colours

Khadi herbal hair colours are powders of different plant parts air dried to preserve their potential. All herbs used have Ayurvedic reference and are used both internally and externally as medicine. Suspended in water herbal pigments percolate through the cuticles and leave a permanent stain on the cortex. Unlike chemical colouring procedures cuticles are not lifted or ripped out; in fact hair is strengthened with the nutrient and mineral rich herbs and damaged hair is repaired with natural proteins in the herbs. Hair cannot be lightened with herbal hair colours since they do not remove any pigment from hair.


Khadi Shampoos

The health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Khadi range of hair care products not only helps restore balance, shine, volume and strength to your hair, but also aims at improving the overall health of your scalp.


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