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Fleur de sel from Messolonghi, ZoyaShop ®, 200 g

Price: € 3.85 (€ 1.93 / 100 g)

Manufacturer: ZoyaShop ®
BB date: 31-12-2025
Origin: Greece
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€ 3.85
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Sea salt Flower of salt

These high-quality salt crystals with a mild taste dissolve easily in food, faster than ordinary table salt. The Flower of salt sea salt crystallizes on the surface of the sea water and is collected by hand. It is recommended to add this gourmet product, also called the king of salt, at the end of cooking, as a final highlight of the dish, to enjoy its remarkable taste. The sparkling white crystals are suitable for seasoning salads and vegetables, fish and grilled meat.


fine sea salt Fleur de sel from Messolonghi

200 g

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